The last post in my blog will wrap up the different gender stereotypes, from target marketing to offensive advertisement this picture hits them both. There is targeted marketing to a crowd that wants to be successful so they may associate his liquor with successful people. There is also an underlying stereotype here that the man is successful and the women are just his guests. It would be easy to assume that men are the only successful ones according to the picture. This is the worst type of advertisement because it separates men and women into different classes.

After analyzing this ad, there are red flags everywhere and it doesn’t take much to point those out. The man is obviously the successful one, big yacht, women on both arms and his friends taking pictures of him. Of course he drinks the liquor, it is only for successful people and men are the only successful ones. This is the image that this picture paints and it doesn’t try to hide it. However, if this man was a celebrity or real life successful person it might be acceptable. This type of marketing is unattractive and needs to go away as it only hurts society.


Post 4


Most women would agree that some of  their favorite gifts on Valentines day would be flowers and chocolate, most men would agree to this as well. However if we ask men what their favorite Valentines day gift would be, chocolate would not be their answer. This marketing ny Godiva is target advertisement similar to the Craftsman picture in the last post. It is specifically for women and probably not meant to offend men and I don’t think many men would be offended by this anyways.

But this is what society has done to gender stereotyping, making it perfectly okay to target market. I know personally I would not look at this advertisement and think that there is anything wrong. I also wouldn’t think about not buying this chocolate because it is targeted to women. Like millions of people this is because its the way I’m programmed, but as we progress in society I believe we need to be more aware of gender stereotypes and how to avoid those.

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In the word of manufacturing obviously there is a target audience and it depends on the product. However, there are many products that are universal in a sense of gender. Products that are specifically for men or women are usually clear and can be advertised as such. The company and product featured in this picture are stereotyping men to only using this tool or power tools. These types of products are universal and should be marketed to both men and women because they are used by both almost equally.

This marketing advertisement draws back on the very old saying that men work with their hands and women just cook and clean. This can be very offensive if somebody did not analyze the picture and figure out what the real message is. I believe that message is truly targeted towards men, but again challenges women to step out of what society puts them in. This is known as edgy marketing, trying to ruffle feathers in order to appeal to certain groups.


2nd Post


Most of the time when talking about gender stereotypes we thik of women as the usual offended group, however it goes both ways. In this picture, it clearly takes an underlying shot at men saying that only manly men can be nurses. I personally know male nurses and they would be offended by this advertisement because anybody can be a nurse, period. The question here is, why do nurses have to be manly?

I think this is similar to the Dr Pepper ad in my last post as it seems like its challenging men to become nurses. While society knows that the majority of nurses are women, it may seem like a non manly occupation for men. It was even made fun of in the movie Meet the Parents. I actually like this tactic of challenging marketing as I think it would attract more men because it calls them out to step up to the plate.

First blog post



This is the first post in a blog series covering the topic of gender stereotypes in advertising. I opened the blog with the picture above as it clearly states the topic, Gender Stereotypes. The company depicted, Dr Pepper did not hold in regard in clearly offending women in the advertisement. Many questions could be asked with this picture but the biggest one is, how could a company as big as Dr Pepper produce such a controversial advertisement?

I think sometimes companies feel they have to walk the edge when it comes to marketing, sometimes offending a certain group just to appeal to them. In this case they chose to offend women by saying that Dr Pepper is not for them. We all know that is not the case but it seems as if they are almost challenging women in order to draw them in. While this may not be the case it has to be an argument for such barbaric marketing.