The last post in my blog will wrap up the different gender stereotypes, from target marketing to offensive advertisement this picture hits them both. There is targeted marketing to a crowd that wants to be successful so they may associate his liquor with successful people. There is also an underlying stereotype here that the man is successful and the women are just his guests. It would be easy to assume that men are the only successful ones according to the picture. This is the worst type of advertisement because it separates men and women into different classes.

After analyzing this ad, there are red flags everywhere and it doesn’t take much to point those out. The man is obviously the successful one, big yacht, women on both arms and his friends taking pictures of him. Of course he drinks the liquor, it is only for successful people and men are the only successful ones. This is the image that this picture paints and it doesn’t try to hide it. However, if this man was a celebrity or real life successful person it might be acceptable. This type of marketing is unattractive and needs to go away as it only hurts society.


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