Post 4


Most women would agree that some of  their favorite gifts on Valentines day would be flowers and chocolate, most men would agree to this as well. However if we ask men what their favorite Valentines day gift would be, chocolate would not be their answer. This marketing ny Godiva is target advertisement similar to the Craftsman picture in the last post. It is specifically for women and probably not meant to offend men and I don’t think many men would be offended by this anyways.

But this is what society has done to gender stereotyping, making it perfectly okay to target market. I know personally I would not look at this advertisement and think that there is anything wrong. I also wouldn’t think about not buying this chocolate because it is targeted to women. Like millions of people this is because its the way I’m programmed, but as we progress in society I believe we need to be more aware of gender stereotypes and how to avoid those.


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